Google Now App – Updated for Public Alerts, Movie Listings, Sports

Jelly Bean‘s App “Google Now” is updated and acquires new capabilities as compared to the old version. “Google Now” is most popular app for the latest Android OS i.e. Jelly Bean. In comparison to the previous version the app added various interesting features that will add more flavor to your sportsmanship, movies, public alerts and local place searches.

Google Now Updated

Google Now Updated

Can your smartphones make any indication while something went wrong with your surrounding nature?? If No, try “Google Now” because the app can do it for you and display some public alerts. Google Now is capable of alert with showing emergency messages for nature disasters like storm or earthquake alerts on your device.

I think that we all are entertainment lovers and always looking for what’s new in the world of entertainment and where it is going on. Ohh! The problem is also looked by Google and gives priority to the movies and offers the facility to find out the location and the timings for movies nearby user’s location. Users can search the most relevant show around their locations.

Sporty nature of users always chases the updates of their favorite games and teams and follows them at their live status. There “Google Now” brings good news to sportiness and makes it capable to list the results according to user’s manual settings. Google offers an option through which users can set their preferences for favorite sports team and able to get scores and updates instantly.