Earlier we have announcement of the latest version of Ubuntu in the Beta Avatar and described the overview of the same in details and also updates from Windows 8. Now these both operating has some advantages and disadvantages in the different fields. So today in latest updates we described you some point to describe the same:

Ubuntu 12.04 vs Windows 8

Ubuntu 12.04 vs Windows 8


Ubuntu, this time, GNOME 2.x interface has changed with Unity. Unity desktop has focused on the productive utilization of space especially for the netbooks having a limited screen size. In the latest one, the most used applications are placed on the desktop in the left sidebar named as Launcher Bar. It makes it easier to use the most important applications frequently. Dash application which is in-built in latest Ubuntu 12.04 can be used when a specified application or file user needs. Dash exits on the top of Unity menu Launcher and also serves for dual role which are search engine and file and application manager. In accordance to the Canonical, users can use the latest Ubuntu on a desktop, tablet or smartphone the Unity interface is same for everywhere.

Metro has changed its overall look and icons are replaced with tiles. That means users can work with tiles against small icons and Start button is missing. Actually it creates some differences to the Windows addicted which may be the reason of problem to the users.

Windows 8

Windows 8


Ubuntu is well known name in security regions and also enhance this time as usual. Firewall and virus protection are built-in and offers auto updates which can install at one click. AppArmor is the added security app through which crucial applications and data is being protected that’s why attackers can’t able to gain access to your system. Firefox and gnome-keyring are included in the latest Ubuntu, for example, online payments and other data sharing becomes more secure that keeps your mind away from security tensions. Some of the key factors make advantages in security reasons in Ubuntu are:

  • Automatic security updates
  • File encryption
  • Protection against viruses
  • Password security
  • Anti-phishing
  • Designed with security into consideration
Ubuntu 12.04

Ubuntu 12.04


Most of the time it was discussed that Linux does not supports applications. I must to say that it is not true. It does support the applications that are available for Windows platform to a great extent. Anyone cannot able to say Quicken, Outlook, or Photoshop on Linux. Utilization of WINE and its commercial big brother Codeweaver’s Crossover made it able to run other Windows applications on Linux. Evolution for e-mail which is an optional application in Ubuntu and also a Linux application is better than Windows counterparts.

Web browser, considered to be the most usable application by the users, is available in the current with Ubuntu version. Even Chrome, most popular among the browsers, you have to download it. By default Ubuntu uses Firefox while Windows 8 uses Internet Explorer.

You can the judge the features of the latest Ubuntu Version in different ways provided by the company:

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