It was in the 18th century when the telephony system was invented by the Alexander Graham Bell. If the man is alive today, he will be so happy that his successors innovated his concepts of telecommunication. However, he would be so sad to see that the conventional wired structure of the telephone is now replaced by invisible wires and signals that connect people around the globe.

VoIP in Smartphone

VoIP in Smartphone

The VoIP or the Voice over Internet Protocol is the newest form of communication presented by most of the people in the telecommunications industry. For most reasons, it is the affordability and the technicality that made it to the market, especially to the multi-million companies that invest huge amount on communication.

Unlike the conventional telephone system which uses wired connections, VoIP uses internet signals to transmit calls. In other words, VoIP offers a much stable, clearer and affordable voice call. It is for these reasons that telecommunication companies are now in their full blast promotion to promote these services to its clients.

VoIP penetration to the masses could not be possible without a medium. Looking back 10 years ago when VoIP was first introduced to the laptops and desktops, there was no recorded impact to its market. Thanks to the birth of smartphones where the integration of VoIP was allowed by the leading smartphone companies like Apple, Android and Blackberry. Now people can use VoIP everywhere for free or with minimum rate charged by their service providers.

The next question will be how much each user can save using the VoIP. That could be a dependable question in relation to the kind of VoIP service the user would want to avail. This article will discuss possible ways to have a free VoIP calls or to have at least a minimum call rate using your smartphone. Here are some of the suggestions.

Use free VoIP services/providers

There are a lot of free VoIP applications that are available to all smartphone. An example of this is the Skype which offers free VoIP services to all its users. However, that is only a basic service of video and voice call without the other perks. This VoIP program also offers paid services most especially advisable for business use.

Use the internet

Most of your network company charges a VoIP call if you use their internet data. However, most of the companies charge a VoIP call to the internet usage and not on the VoIP calls itself. If this is the case, try making calls in a Wi-Fi spot area so that even if you turn off your sim card, you can still make a good call via the wireless internet.

Make a bargain

To get a good deal using the VoIP services of your company, It is safe and a must to ask for discounts especially when you go for a bundled services. It is always nice to bargain from your service providers especially when you are in a tight budget.

Communication is essential to everybody especially in the business sectors. This generation is very lucky that the technology makes things easier. Therefore, this generation should make use of it responsibly. For more interesting articles like this, you can visit this website.